Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wow, I Promise To Be Better!

I cannot believe it has been August since I have posted! I am not going to try and catch up on all that I have missed. Just a synopsis! The kids are growing beyond belief! Cole is as sweet as ever and thinks he's a comedian, and Emmy is as sassy as she has ever been! She might be a bit like me ya think? Cole has had an awesome first semester of first grade! Emmy is loving Mrs. Tinas and being home with dad...well, maybe now that duck hunting season is coming to an end, she will be home with dad! I will start with Christmas and go from there and make a resolution to be better organized with my time so I can blog a little more! I did change my picture on the blog to represent how we spent our fall season! I thought Nathan, Monica, Jackie, Lindsay and the rest of my Texas friends would want to be reminded in case they have started to forget who won! GO CARDS! (can you tell I'm on break so I can blog?)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

He Jumps!

Well, it has been no secret to those who know me well, that I have a major fear of water! I do not swim well, and usually never. I am not comfortable going underwater and really could care less about going to pools. Cole loves being in the water, but hasn't been all that comfortable trying to learn to swim. A teacher had us over 2 mondays in a row, and the 2nd time, right before we left he told me he wanted to jump off of the diving board! I could not believe it! The kid who has never really gone under! He did it, and I got it on camera! He was so excited to call Dan and tell him he did it! Then, for 3 weeks all he wanted to do was take Dan somewhere with a diving board to show him!


Well, 8 weeks later, I am just getting around to posting pics of my summer OFF! What? Yes, I had 8 weeks off with my family and didn't blog! So what was I doing you ask? Enjoying my family, keeping the house picked up and chasing Emmy! We had such a great summer! We didn't do near as much as I had planned as the heat became too much for me! We even let our 6 flags tickets go to waste! Poor Cole read a billion hours to earn them and we didn't go! We did however, spend lots of time at pools, my sisters, friends houses, sew etc! SO, I will try to catch up on some of the outings, but not all. THese are from a picnic Dan and I took the kids to at Indian Camp Creek, and a LITTLE fishing back in June.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Up North!

THis year we took our family vacation back to Lutsen Minnesota with The Hudsons! The weather was less than desireable but we were able to find lots of ways to have fun! The kids had a fabulous time and so did we! We only got to hike once but we threw lots of rocks, did the alpine slide, looked for moose, ate donuts, played play dough, danced, wrestled, fished, saw wolves and bears and enjoyed company!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just Plain Fun

Dans parents called recently and asked us to come for a bbq with his sister and her boyfriend and family. They bought the kids a little blow up pool and a sprinkler. The day was beautiful, the company was perfect and the kids had so much fun! Cole, Lily and Brittan made up make believe games as they ran through the sprinklers and Emmy stayed in the pool all day!

It's Magical

A few weeks ago a student from my class invited my family to her birthday party at the Magic House. We decided it would be fun to go. Cole was not in my class this year but got to know my kids well from being in my room before and after school. Emmy had never been to the Magic House so we thought it would be fun. The party was great and then we headed out on our own to explore. Cole and Emmy had so much fun! Cole loves going to Childrens Village to do all of the pretend play. HE also enjoyed Snow Whites exhibit just because of all of the musical instruments they had. Emmy loved all of it! She was banging on drums, playing in sand, water and then of course also found Childrens Village and the baby doll nursery. She is obsessed with baby dolls so we thought we would never get her out. Come to find out after about 15 minutes of playing in there, she undressed a male doll. It had the real anatomy and she was not having that! She took one look at that babies penis and yelled and threw the doll and did not return to the baby doll nursery! It was such a fun time!

Splash Time

Recently we had a really hot weekend, and Emmy absolutely hates the pool unless it is a zero entry, so my mom and I decided to take the kids to a splash park. We thought it would be the best of both worlds for the kids. Cole of course went nuts! He immediately made friends and began running and splashing, but it took Emmy a little bit to work her way into getting sprayed with water. Once she figured it out she loved it. I never put her suit on because she was so unsure in the beginning! It turned out to be a wonderful day!